Friday, October 31, 2008

Thoughts on why a Republican would vote for Obama

First, I'm a die-hard Republican. I voted for the Republican candidate since I started voting over 30 yrs ago. I've always felt government is best being out of my business unless I need it. I dont want a central government running my life. It's not that I am unpatriotic...far from it. I was a volunteer in the Army when there was a draft and a war. I still put my hand over my heart when I hear the National Anthem on the TV! I just feel more emphasis should be put in states' rights.
So if I'm a Republican why would I vote for Obama??
First I looked at the empirical evidence; Although I didn't vote for Clinton and didn't like him being in office there is no denying that things sure changed for the better. Elder Bush was a good Prez-hardly anyone denies that, but there was a recession during his tenure and I personally suffered financially.
Second-after Clinton left office and Lil Bush (LOL) became president things went way BAAAAD. His foreign policies were ludicris, his selection of advisers was somewhat questionable and he deferred to them an inordinate number of times (more than we may ever know prol.), and his financial and business leadership was atrocious. The economy went up at first, then down a long slide into the mire. As a rule a war will stimulate the economy, but Mr Bush found a way to screw that up too. Did I mention he owns an OIL COMPANY? Remember cheap gas? COINCIDENCE?? You tell me.
I've decided that the reason almost every other country hates us is a direct result of Pres. Bush's foreign policy decisions and warlike posture. Ive also decided that as a Bush crony McCain will continue those policies-he will almost have to.
As a result I will vote Obama as the lesser of two evils...and hope he makes a sincere effort to change almost everything George W. Bush as "achieved" in his tenure of office.


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