Saturday, November 1, 2008

Why I won't quit smoking cigars (today).

I recently quit smoking cigars. By quit I mean I wasn't smoking cigars. Why? 'cause I was OUT!

I know I should quit but it is one of the things I look forward too and it makes me feel good. I enjoy the aroma, I enjoy the taste and although I don't inhale I like to see the smoke rise in the air. You almost have to be a smker to appreciate what i'm talking about.

I started smoking expensive cigars but over time I gravitated to more affordable selections. It can be very expensive to smoke a top-end stick several times a day. I've found some affordable and enjoyable cigars at Thompsons Cigars in Tampa for under a dollar apiece.

I wasn't going to restock and quit.....but I don't think I will...yet.

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