Sunday, August 30, 2009

High building escape device #1

This is an idea for a device which, when deployed as an escape measure from a tall building, would slow a persons descent down to a velocity which should allow for survival. This was after reflecting back on the loss of life from 9-11-01 when dozens of people opted to jump from the building rather than burn alive. Those people had zero options (which on reflection is hard to believe). Did we learn nothing from the movie "Towering Inferno"?

This concept involves an inflatable spinning gyro rotor attached to a rigid stand-off assy with a body harness for the person to strap into. The size, material, inflation method would have to be determined by simulation and trial and error. The inflation could be similar to an auto airbag mechanism, and has to be rigged to inflate only after a person has exited a window.

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